Rejoining a Session

If connection is lost during a session or the attendee leaves a session, the attendee may rejoin based on their initial login method.

Rejoining with unique access code:

Click on the unique access code that was provided in the event confirmation email.


Clicking on this link will take the attendee directly to the virtual lobby to resume from the point where the connection was lost.

Rejoining with username and password:

Navigate to the virtual lobby, sign back into the virtual event, and select the desired session to rejoin.

If page is not loading:

Confirm attendee is not using Internet Explorer/Windows Explorer. These browsers are not compatible with the event platform; compatible browsers may be viewed on the “Device Compatibility” page in the FAQs.


Refresh your browser by clicking on the refresh icon at the top left of the page.

You have successfully registered for the event. Please check your email for a confirmation email.