My Agenda

What is "My Agenda"?

The agenda provides access to all activities offered within the event. Any activities pinned from the agenda will appear under “My Agenda”.


Pinned activities may be sent directly to attendee’s personal calendar to include personalized reminders.

How do I add the event to my personal calendar?

At the bottom of the attendee confirmation email, the attendee may select “Add to Calendar” and select the calendar application needed.


This calendar feature will add the entire event to your personal calendar.


Note, calendar application must be previously installed.

How do I use "My Agenda"?

By clicking on “My Agenda”, attendee will have access to all virtual rooms/sessions available.


By clicking “Unpin”, the attendee may remove any session that is not of interest.


By clicking “Pin”, the attendee may set calendar reminders for any sessions of interest.


By clicking “Virtual Room”, the attendee will navigate directly to that session’s virtual room.

You have successfully registered for the event. Please check your email for a confirmation email.