Logging In

Logging in to the virtual lobby

Attendees may access the virtual event through a confirmation email with unique access code, the virtual landing page/virtual lobby URL with username and password, and/or contracting the virtual event administrator.


Note: Not all aforementioned login variations will be available for each event.

Event Name: Username and password

For this virtual event, attendees will receive correspondence internally from SiteOne which includes the virtual lobby URL.


The first time the attendee clicks on the provided URL, the attendee will be prompted to log in to the virtual event.

Can I access the virtual lobby using a tablet?

Currently, the video streaming feature for attendees is ensured to be accessible for mobile and tablet users. In order to ensure a great user experience concerning all other features, a computer is recommended for attendees.


If attendees do utilize a mobile phone and/or tablet rather than the recommended computer, note, these must be up-to-date devices and the following steps are recommended:

You have successfully registered for the event. Please check your email for a confirmation email.