Using a Company Provided Computer

"Do I want to disconnect?"

Attendee may only be logged in to an event from one device at a time and may only have one tab open that is logged in to the virtual platform. If additional device(s) ot tab(s) are utilized, the attendee will be asked to disconnect.


Click “Yes” to disconnect on the device or tab to no longer be used. This will close any existing windows and/or tabs that are logged in to the platform, while allowing the attendee to view content in the existing window or tab without issue.

Firewalls or institution firewalls

Some firewalls will block this event. If this occurs, attendee may use the web browser on their mobile device to avoid a firewall.

Updating Chrome

Get a Chrome update when available

Automatic updates may happen in the background of a computer when you close and reopen the computer’s browser. If attendee has not recently closed the browser, a pending update may be available.

If the camera and microphone are blocked or the sections are greyed out to prevent access, the company is more than likely blocking permissions for the event site and this will need to be resolved with the company IT.

To update Google Chrome:

  • On the computer, open Chrome
  • At the top right, click More
  • Click Update Google Chrome

    Important: If the aforementioned button is not listed, this is the latest version.
  • Click Relaunch


The browser will save opened tabs and windows to automatically reopen when restarted. Note, Incognito windows will not reopen when Chrome restarts.


If it is preferred not to restart right away, click “Not now”. The next time the browser is restarted the update will be applied.

You have successfully registered for the event. Please check your email for a confirmation email.