Using a Company Provided Computer

How to perform a connection test

Before performing a connection test, please disable the Adblocker and refresh the page.

The connection test will confirm the connectivity of the following items:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Resolution
  • Connection


Please click the below link to start the connection test.


Firewalls or institution firewalls

Some firewalls will block this event. If this occurs, attendee may use the web browser on their mobile device to avoid a firewall.

"503 Error" message

If the platform is receiving an excess of simultaneous requests per user, you may receive a “503 Error” message.

The limitations for simultaneous requests per user are:

  • Up to (10) requests per second
  • Up to (30) requests on the first load


Exceeding the aforementioned requests may return a “503 Error” message.  

If the camera and microphone are blocked or the sections are greyed out to prevent access, the company is more than likely blocking permissions for the event site and this will need to be resolved with the company IT.

"Connecting State" or "Network Error" message

Attendee may receive additional error messages if using the following:

  • Internet Explorer which is not compatible with the virtual platform
  • Attendee network is blocking the platform IP addresses through a firewall or gateway.


To ensure the best user experience, test the network connection by running a connection test prior to event.


Click on the below “Connection Test” to start testing network connection now.
Connection Test

You have successfully registered for the event. Please check your email for a confirmation email.